President Message:-

It’s my proud prevelage to serve this great institution as a president. Our aim is to provide high quality teaching and learning and offiring an oppotunaty for the students to achive their best and learn to value self and others by creating a positive and disciplined and to promote scholastic behavior, which is duly I courredge and rewarded.

The institute has moved forward in it’s mission of providing high quality technical education. This achivment and upward growth of the institute has been made possible through dedication, co operation and never say die sprite of the faculty, students and the enormous good will of benifactors.

We shall secure continued support for sustenance and further growth. Your energy, faith and devotion have driven the institute this far and has doubled it’s quest for exillence. Due to unstinting zeal displayed by the staff and faculy, the institution has made a place for it self and is recognize as one of the best proffetional educational institution in the country. I welcome the challenge and the responsibility entrusted in me by the board of governer I shall give the highest priority for the achievements of the mission and vision of the institute I. ‘excellence in quality of technical education.

I, pledge to do my best to add value to this institution and to look at all of you for valuable advice and support. I, once again offer my most sensier gratitude to the institute and extend my very best wishes for it’s future endeavors.

With Blessings , Arshad Ahmad Siddiqui President